The AMPTP's recent retention of a new PR firm to help them more effectively communicate to the public why the intransigent, greedy WGA should accept the incredibly generous terms of their groundbreaking New Econonic Partnership is paying immediate dividends; while the organization's previous attempt to have studio head Roger A. Trevanti explain the Companies' position was amateurish, unfocused and openly hostile, under the supervision of their new-media-savvier publicity team, their latest effort is a great leap forward.

Watch how a better-coached Trevanti, once a borderline, picketer-assaulting sociopath, now stays on message and presents the studios' more-than-fair proposal utilizing memorable catchphrases and calming tones; by the end of the brief video, you'll come away wondering how Guild members can possibly keep striking when they could be back at work before Christmas, watching all that Radio Contest Winner Money stream directly into their bank accounts.