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News that Bravo's kissing reality cousins Dale Levitski and Jack Mackenroth are dating has spread across the internets like wildfire, conjuring heartwarming domestic scenes involving Dale asking Jack to taste his lamb jus, as Jack measures Dale's inseam for a pair of stripey trousers that will eventually find their way beneath the couple's shared Hanukkah Bush. Not everyone is wholeheartedly in favor of the union, however, as some fans have already registered concern that the openly HIV-positive Runway contestant might put the status-indeterminate Dale in danger, a matter Mackenroth addresses in a statement posted to his blog today:

I guess there are a lot of rumblings in the blogosphere about me and Dale and some concerns about our different HIV status.

First I think its interesting that people just assume he is HIV negative-which he is. Just an observation. Anyway-I feel the need to address the issue since I am so open about my status. First of all safer sex is VERY easy to practice and doesn't detract from the experience in any way. Beyond that if you are educated about HIV then you know that there are a myriad of things that two people of different HIV status can do sexually with no risk. I'm not going to delve into our sexual proclivities but all is good on the Jack/Dale front. Furthermore my viral load is undetectable which means that when they do a blood test they are unable to find any virus in my blood. That low level of HIV is due to the medication I take and regularly monitoring my status. This combined with safer sex practices allows two people with different HIV status to have a full, healthy relationship. I would also like to add that in the past I had 2 boyfriends for two years each and both of them were and are still HIV negative. Thanks!

Hopefully Mackenroth's forthright addressing of the matter will put it to rest, allowing the pair to return to the exciting process of discovering each others' likes, dislikes, and bodies according to their own relaxed, "let's just see where this goes and try not think about the millions of busybodies liveblogging every blip of our budding romance" schedules.