Passive-Aggressive Rick Stengel Announces New 'Time' Hire

Salon's Michael Scherer is leaving his position there as Washington correspondent to join Time magazine as political correspondent and teacher's pet. "Michael represents the new TIME correspondent: adept on-line, on-air and in print," said Rick Stengel, in an email to staff today. We are quite sure that none of the magazine's web-reluctant old guard will resent that thinly-veiled barb one little bit! Memo after the jump.

From: [Rick Stengel]
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 10:16:21 -0500
Conversation: Staff Announcement
Subject: Staff Announcement

December 7, 2007


To: TIME Staff
From: Rick Stengel


I'm pleased to announce that Michael Scherer is joining TIME as a political correspondent. He'll be reporting and producing videos for, as well as writing for the magazine. He's done terrific work in his current role at and he's certain to take those talents to even greater heights here. Michael represents the new TIME correspondent: adept on-line, on-air and in print.

Prior to joining Salon in 2005, Michael wrote investigative pieces for Mother Jones magazine. He's a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, a California native and another great addition to the best political team in journalism. He'll be based in the DC bureau, starting in two weeks.

Please join me in welcoming Michael to TIME.Earlier: The New Model