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What a week! Especially for Lolcait, who not only culled the comments, separating the diamonds from the cubic zirconia per usual, but also starred in his very first walk-on film role.

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All is lost. Everyone's gone. The world has ended. People have quit their jobs.

Thankfully, you and I have not stopped commenting, like the faint taps on pipes that could be heard from the submerged USS Arizona for days after she sank, 66 years ago today.

So, I submit for your approval these five bangs and blips, dim beacons of hope and survival in this dark, ruined world.

From CLARENCE ROSARIO in Who Can "Thrust Gawker Deep Into the New Era"?:
"Now begins the winter of our shit content?"

From CHROMATICS in Breaking Glass:
"I didn't realize that they meant 'support jobs' in the literal sense."

From HELLONOS in Dude Slapped by Girls on Subway; 'Post' Sounds the Race Alarm:
"I hate all teenagers of every race, unequivocally."

From CITY_DATER in It's Christmas Party Season!:
"There are few things funnier than the resigned discomfort on the face of an actor who is just famous enough to be recognized, but not famous enough to flatly refuse to pose for a photo with an embarrassing nobody."

From SARCASTRO in 'Sex and the City' Trailer Actually Has the Tagline "This Spring, Get Carried Away":
"God is extra dead."

Your Party Pick this week went to our old pal CONBON who has way too much time on his hands. This is what we in the trade call a "sight gag":

May you all be rescued soon. I'll be signing off now on these Commies, which will be my last. Until next week.