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We hear that Google's Christmas party, which was held at a pier in San Francisco last year, will be at Shoreline Amphitheatre this year, a short hop from the Googleplex. Want to attend? There's still a chance. Last year, your best bet to get a date to the Google bash was by trolling Craigslist. This year? We suggest you use Facebook's ad-targeting system to aim your message directly at Google employees. "siliconsallywag," whose ad is shown here, has already beaten us to the punch. If you want to follow her lead, you've got not one but two shots at it.

Google's reckless hiring over the past year has created a problem for party planners: too many people to fit into one event. So, the festivities have been severed into two days, tonight and tomorrow, with signups on a first-come-first-serve basis. We hear that most of the San Franscisco-based employees are going tonight, because why would you want to travel down the peninsula on a Saturday when you could just stop by right after work?