Claire Danes "feels extremely violated" by this week's 4,000-word New York Press cover story, in which the actress is "stalked" by reporter Rebecca Tucker, according to her agents. So distressed was she, it was conveyed, that ICM chairman Jeff Berg, whose company represents her, called up the Press this afternoon to tell editor David Blum to "redact" online a reference to the street where Danes lives. Blum declined.

"He got very hostile," Blum said, noting that Berg asked, "What are you going to do, print her phone number next?" The story had put Danes "into the gunsights," according to Berg.

We had no idea that people wanted to take out Claire Danes! When we see her around town, we never feel the urge to harm her. Mary-Louise Parker might want to, sure, but that's sort of Angela's own fault, no?

The conversation lasted about ten minutes, "which is about two hours in Hollywood time," Blum said. Ironically (or not!), at one time Blum was represented by ICM.

We did not send an email or make a phone call to Jeff Berg because, uh, if we had that information would we be working here? So we did not get his side of the story, but we think it's kind of silly that Claire Danes has her panties in a bunch over an altweekly story that implied she was worth tracking down. Based on the reception of her performance in Broadway's 'Pygmalion," that's maybe not a reputation you want to turn down so fast, missy!