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I should have taken my colleague Paul Boutin's recap of the week as a warning. Normally I take the weekend off, and I shouldn't have made an exception. But that Lucy Southworth is just so geekily adorable in this Stanford-office photo I felt obligated to cover her wedding. If it happened.

Late this night, I got a confirmation that some people I knew had, indeed, traveled to Necker Island for Google cofounder Larry Page's hitching to the Stanford Ph.D. Okay, the wedding didn't happen Saturday — yet another error in Wikipedia. This much is for sure: The Clintons didn't show. As far as I know, the wedding took place today, assuming the celebrity guests weren't blown down by a gathering storm. I asked Google PR to verify that the company still has a president of products. No answer yet. Which is a problem, since losing Larry is a risk factor the company mentions in its annual report.

The other big nonstory of the weekend? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's sale of exactly $0 million worth of stock. What was I, drunk? Yes. I was roundly and deservedly abused for airing the false rumor. This is what I get for working overtime? That's it, folks: From now on, I'm taking the "end" in "weekend" seriously.