It was April of 1983, and Mary Kirby was an azure-eyed up-and-coming author. She was single, but on purpose, and men would trail her everywhere. She was so good at meeting men that she wrote a book about it! She called it "Mary Kirby's Guide to Meeting Men." Twenty-five years later, the text is still amazingly instructive. Today's homily comes from "Chapter Seven: Zeroing In On Particular Men" Particular in this instance means rich and Christian.

The best way to meet rich men is to cultivate rich friends. Wealth attracts wealth and this is usually done through introductions. If you don't know any wealthy people, however, don't despair. They're easy to meet.

First of all, find out who they are. Check the society column for weddings and engagements. Not only will you get an idea of who's who, but you'll also find out the names of the most fashionable churches. Claudia, 23, makes it a point to go to Mass in the "better" churches and then mingle with the parishioners at coffee hour following the service.

But say your paramour doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God: Where might you find your wealthy quarry then?

Another special group of men who lead hectic lives and also put up with a lot of frustration are doctors. They often get rid of their nervous tension on the racquetball court. Check out the health clubs nearest the large teaching hospitals...

[T]here are other ways of meeting doctors. . Hospital cafeterias are particularly good after July 1, when a whole new class of interns arrive. For the first few weeks everyone's eyeing one another—it's just like the first few days of school. Hospital cafeterias are open to the public as well as the staff.

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