Even Earthly deity Oprah Winfrey, who's able to call up wild winds and volcanic eruptions by merely whispering instructions into her favorite Toywatch thing, isn't so jaded by supernatural acts that she can't be legitimately mindfreaked every now and again:

Watch in amazement as the Most Powerful Woman in the Galaxy is rendered a blinking, stammering fool by the telekinetic theatrics of man-jewelry aficionado Criss Angel! We won't divulge whether or not he successfully homes in on Winfrey's selected figure of 11 (so chosen for the number of times the talk show host could conceivably buy and sell him with the money in her Hermès pocketbook), and let you experience the wonder for yourselves—keeping in mind, of course, that if he were to have gotten it wrong, it could have gone down as the most gleefully awkward expanse of dead-air in the show's history. Enjoy!