Crazy cat lady and former Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubenstein's Alpha Kitty project seeks to empower young girls by showing them extremely poorly edited Youtube videos featuring women who tend to be more successful, better looking and wealthier than they are. A recent video featured "model/actress" Taylor Warren in front of a white background, musing: "I remember my mom catching me sitting in front of a mirror crying because I just wanted to know what I looked like doing it." But! Before you discard Ms. Rubenstein's idiotic project (and it is idiotic) I want to introduce you to Minnie Fay, a 17-year-old girl in Amston, CT who responds to nearly every Alpha Kitty video with a video post of her own. Fay is the sweetest, most vulnerable, most pure creature in all of Connecticut. She loves makeup but also kinda feels weird about it and she goes to school! And I love her. After the jump, meet her boyfriend, Rory, who is also an Alpha Kitty.