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When last we heard from L.A. entrepreneuse Patricia Handschiegel, she was unloading $25,000 worth of surplus fashion. Now she's unloaded considerably more: Her company, StyleHive, which recently raised $2.6 million in venture capital, spent a healthy chunk of that funding on Handschiegel's site. StyleHive applies the concept of social bookmarking — automated sharing of one's favorites with friends — and applies it to fashion. That it felt the need to acquire Handschiegel's StyleDiary, which mixes user-submitted fashion shots with a more traditional editorial approach, suggests that when it comes to style, software isn't everything.

As for Handschiegel, she's glad to have sold. The business of business gets in the way of the business of style. This explains Handschiegel's cryptic IM from not too long ago: "I didn't get a single girl maintenance for two weeks. My nails were terrible and my eyebrows were bushy." So that's what kept her away from the manicurist! Beauty has a price. And so does every entrepreneur. (Photo by patriciafromstyleidary)