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As if having to deal with the exploits of Lost's ne'er-do-well cast wasn't enough, forever getting wasted on DHARMA-brand wine coolers and picked up winding across Honolulu highways searching in vain for a mid-season wrap party, Hawaiian officials now have to put up with a DVD release of Superbad that includes, among its many goodies, a replica of McLovin's iconic fake Hawaiian drivers license. Accused of being nothing more than an underage-drinking-facilitating prize in a Cracker Jack box, Wal-Mart has since complied with the mayor's request to pull the DVDs from local store shelves—a recall that could extend to all of its outlets:

Though the world's largest retailer pulled the "Superbad" DVDs from island stores, it had not yet decided by week's end to do so in its other outlets. Sony Pictures, the producer of the movie in which a teenager tries to buy $100 worth of liquor using the counterfeit Hawaii ID, defended the promotion, saying the license's features "make clear" it isn't real.

The city, however, said the license is close enough for nefarious individuals to copy and reproduce with a photo replacing that of a hologram of the movie's characters. So concerned was the mayor that he notified the Department of Homeland Security about the cards.

What was meant to be a hilarious promotional ploy to encourage Superbad fans to invest in the 2-disc unrated extended edition of the teen comedy has now backfired heavily with the giant retailer, a miscalculation that could wind up costing millions for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment—to say nothing of the thousands of Spaceship Challenger-as-penis-doodle-disaster display-cases scrapped after being universally deemed as extremely poor taste.