Usually, when PETA is determined to make a dramatic statement about animal abuse, it dispatches Pamela Anderson to march in front of a food-court KFC stall, naked but for the blood-soaked feathers of brutally massacred chickens clinging to her iconic, surgically enhanced curves, a protest that lasts until every potential patron is finally forced to take their business to a nearby Tofu Hut. Today, however, the organization has undertaken a decidedly more ambitious campaign, unloading both outraged barrels on the Olsen Twins, who've made the unfortunate choice to include items containing animal fur in their signature homeless-chic fashion line.

Above, we've excerpted the safe-for-work part of their "Full House of Horrors" video, in which a character named Futureman travels back through sitcom time to warn the Tanner clan about the mink-hating monster they're raising, but you'll have to hit PETA's full version to see what grisly fate befalls the cute critter on their TV.