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Obviously affected by yesterday's launch of, some striking writers' hurtful commentary on the 1994-era design of the studio coalition's web presence, the organization today unveiled the kind of "widget" that the kids demand from their favorite blogotubes: a Doomsday Ticker™ relentlessly tabulating the amount of money their calculations say the WGA is futilely burning upon the pyre of protest.

They've also added a fun "Did You Know?" quiz, which currently features a tidbit about the alarming rate at which reality TV is supplanting scripted series on networks' primetime schedules, a not-so-subtle "fuck you" to any scribes delusional enough to think that their shows can't easily be replaced by additional hours of Deal or No Deal or Fox's upcoming How Many Fingers Is Larry The Cable Guy Holding Up, Dummy?. We anxiously await the AMPTP's next volley in this burgeoning online turf war: an animated avatar of lead studio negotiator Nick Counter, who marches across the computer screen, throws handfuls of cash into a giant toilet, and cackles with glee about his disposal of all the funds he'd be distributing to writers if only they'd come back to work.