Now that it's clear that Iran stopped building nukes in 2003, one wonders what everyone's favorite muppet-like (and perhaps hot) dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has really been up to. Well, he's sure been busy blogging! Ahmadinejad's Personal Memos manages to hit on everything from the Zionist conspiracy to clumsy Shakespeare references—and of course he's very popular with the commenters. Let's take a closer look!

Begun in 2006, Ahmad's blog contains a mere 13 posts. But each entry is epic in length and is available in four languages. (Though cat pictures speak in many languages!) Here are some highlights, in his own words:

From Autobiography, 8/8/06:
I remember one day, when I was in first grade, by looking through a newspaper - with the help of the adults in our house- I read the news of the capitulation passage by the shah's so called "parliament."
With hope in God, I intend to wholeheartedly complete my talk in future with allotted fifteen minutes.

From Some Notes, 10/1/06:
I thank you for your remarks and explanations. Of course you reconfirmed that you are an independent council. It's interesting for me.

On the Holocaust:
The question is that in the world war the second more than sixty million people were killed. Out of these sixty millions two millions were among military personnel and the rest were civilians who did not have anything to do with war. These civilians were killed differently and they were respected. Now why we shall focus on certain number of people. Another question was that if you claim that this incident is real, why no impartial groups are allowed to investigate on it? Why European citizens are put behind bars only because of expressing their views? This occurs while we are allowed to question the most proved realities of the world. We allow every one to investigate and raise questions on God, prophets, freedom of human being, human being democracy and human rights but we do not allow anyone to question or investigate a historical event which happened sixty years ago. This is a big question. We think if this is a real incident we can present and prove it more clearly through researches and investigations. But here we face the main question which is raised by no one: this incident happened in Europe but the Palestinians are paying the price.

From Meeting with University Students, 10/18/06
A young student is pure, unpolluted and sincere. He is just and the supporter ‎of oppressed people. The spirit and vitality of these youth and their hopes for the ‎future can bring any obstacle down to its knees.

From Bureaucracy at People's Service, Not the People Serving Bureaucracy 11/21/06:
But in reality, the people's problems have not been solved. This is a dangerous issue which I have noticed since I was the mayor of Tehran and even before that time it bothered me. And I have tried to break with these erroneous customs and wrong ‎imported "innovations", and free the government administration from the web which ‎has tangled its operations. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I could not.

And like any new media guru, Ahmadinejad invites commenter participation from around the world. Here's what the followers of the hottest .ir are saying:

"I knew you were telling the truth."

"I come to your blog just for a glance, its so liberal of you to think of the idea of setting a blog. I didnt pay much attention to international politics before, but I find you a very intelligent and smart president~ Wish Iran and you all the best!"

"die slow ..."

"You are a nigger"

"I hate you. you are retarted. that simple mentally retarted"

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