Much as Peter denied Jesus three times, so do some anti-American types deny Rudy Giuliani. Specifically, they deny that HE AND HE ALONE was personally responsible for making New York livable (fun fact: the only people who lived in New York before Rudy were criminals and victims of criminals, most of whom were also criminals) and for saving the entire world on 9/11 by walking uptown with some tv cameras and shooting down that one plane in Pennsylvania that was headed for a school full of orphan children learning to be firefighters. And like Peter, the deniers will die a glorious martyr's death in the inevitable Giuliani presidency. Or so we've gleaned from watching this clip of Joe Scarborough compare criticizing Giuliani's inflated record with denying the Holocaust.

Scarborough Likens "Holocaust Deniers" To "Giuliani Deniers" [HuffPo]