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The Great Paparazzi Wars continue with news that a freelance photographer, who alleges he was sucker-punched by Pierce Brosnan after snapping the actor and his son outside a Malibu restaurant in October (see before-and-after pap-pummeling photos here!), is going forward with his lawsuit against the hairy-chestiest Bond since Connery:

Robert Rosen said he was taking photos of Brosnan on Oct. 26 when "suddenly and without warning," the 54-year-old actor struck him in the chest, causing "severe physical and emotional pain and injuries, including bruised ribs."

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims Rosen wasn't chasing the ex-James Bond and former "Remington Steele" star and didn't invade his privacy. It also claimed the attack was "designed to inflict pain and injury."

The freelance photographer is suing for unspecified general and punitive damages, the cost of medical and psychological treatment, and lost earnings.

A police investigation into the incident led to no formal charges being pressed against Brosnan, which isn't to say he'd be scott-free in the civil suit. All it would take to sway the jury is the testimony of one surprise witness for the prosecution: a soft-spoken valet who'd recall through broken English how the actor politely asked if he could look at Rosen's shots on his camera's display screen, then took full advantage of their proximity by karate-chopping him in the thorax while humming the 007 theme-song, and announcing to his young son, "Remember this day, boy. You just saw your daddy earn his second kill."