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Semi-fabulist Scott Beauchamp's wife, Elspeth Reeve, who was so fired a couple of months back by The New Republic , is quite the talker! She doesn't hold much back in an interview today with the Observer in which she discusses fact-checking her husband's dispatches from Iraq, both before and after they were married. Is it really possibly that, despite having gone to journalism schook, Reeve still doesn't quite understand how this whole 'reporting' thing works? FYI, it's something along the lines of 'when the pencil/digital recorder moves, your words are being captured for posterity!'

"I was like, 'Sweet! I can talk to Scott on TNR's dime!'" she tells the Observer. Uh oh. And the retraction this month by TNR editor Frank Foer of your husband's stories by editor Frank Foer? "Yeah, it's a bummer, but it's hard to shed any tears over Frank." Also: "I'm living in a romance novel. It's kind of hard to be down." Okay, what? Where are we? We're pretty sure we're not in the presence of a woman who comprehends her singular role in a journalistic scandal that further smeared the credibility of a century-old repository of American political commentary. [NYO]

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