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· Golden Globes producers await a decision on whether or not the WGA will grant their (probably doomed) waiver request to allow striking writers to whip them up a script, a wish that they've already granted for their supportive bretheren in SAG's upcoming awards show. Meanwhile, the industry wonders who'll be willing to cross the picket line to attend the Globes ceremony. [Variety]
· Fox pushes back Avatar, director James Cameron's much-anticipated return to theaters, from Memorial Day 2009 to December 18th, then spackles that mid-year holiday weekend hole with Ben Stiller's Night a the Museum sequel. [THR]

· Monday may be the last day of picketing before the Guild breaks for the sure-to-be-depressing holidays, probably returning the lines in the first week of January. Merry Strike Christmas! [Variety]
· On a Tuesday night with virtually nothing to watch (trust us, we tried—oh, how we tried!), NBC fat-marches to Nielsen victory behind The Biggest Loser. [THR]
· FX unveils its new "FX: There is no box" branding campaign, a slogan that ultimately won out over early, edginess-promoting favorite "FX: We can say 'shit' on our shows; suck it, Bravo!" [Variety]