Once again turning to the revenue-deficient wasteland of the internet to get its message out to the public, the negotiation-averse AMPTP posts a reminder about how much money the Guild is costing everybody while its members mock up hurtful websites and grab-ass with Mr. Sulu on the picket line. That Doomsday Ticker never stops spinning! "Then, someone from the WGA offices happily distributed the link to a hijacked parody website that even many rank-and-file WGA members felt was over-the-top. All of this is happening right along with the WGA's continuing series of concerts, rallies, mock exorcisms, pencil-drops and Star Trek-themed gatherings. Amidst this alternating mix of personal attacks and picket line frivolity, we must not forget that this WGA strike is beginning to cause serious economic damage to many people in the entertainment business." [AMPTP.org]