'Forbes' Overpaid Celebrity List Reveals Which A-Listers Are the Best At Flushing Studio Money Down The Toilet

Forbes.com has curated yet another multimedia gallery of famous faces and their estimated earning potentials, but in a less-charitable twist on their favorite theme, these are The Most Overpaid Celebrities, and some of them may surprise you: everyone from Nicole Kidman, whose The Golden Compass vastly overestimated audience's interest in backyard polar bear fighting, to Will Smith, whose three-tiered template to conquering Hollywood—FX, creatures, and love—we thought was as close as anyone has come to movie-stardom code-cracking.

But no cautionary tale of bloated star salaries and egos gone wild runs movie executives' blood colder than Jim Carrey's, whom director Robert Zemeckis had to reportedly beg Disney execs to approve for his all-CGI A Christmas Carol, out of fears the eccentric actor might electrocute himself while improvising a Scrooge urination scene in his motion-capture suit.