When we last checked in with downtown doyenne Brooke Geahan, the founder of the defunct Accompanied Library was still pouting about her Library being booted from its home at the National Arts Club. The Accompanied Library, despite reports that hiphop mogul Damon Dash was throwing his weight behind it, was presumed dead. But then there was Art Basel and Brooke Geahan, like a phoenix, rose again! This time though, she looked somehow aged—and was auctioning off a Botox session with Dr. Timothy Colbert.

Geahan has rebranded the Accompanied Library as the Accompanied Literary Society. This possibly makes sense as the Library part of the Library does not maintain books or catalogue anything. All mention of the Accompanied Library has been banished and the website is gone.

During Art Basel, she hosted a dinner at the Raleigh for a book called The Worth of Art (2), an Assouline-published monograph of the commercial excesses of the art world. The party was sponsored by Swarovski! Ha!

But that wasn't her only recent event. During a recent fundraiser with Paul Haggis, the Accompanied Literary Society auctioned off lunch with drunken boxer and writer Jonathan Ames for $5,000 (less a 15% "administrative fee") and other exciting prizes such as WIGS and BOTOX!