Outside, it's been 4 p.m. for the past week and a half, and now the chilly gray perpetual dusk has even started leaking sleety rain. Inside, there is nothing to write about. It's now the season when the Internet traditionally dries up and blows away, and besides, most of us just quit our jobs and are now serving out a one month's notice that we cannot believe ever seemed like a good idea. "Now you'll be able to just relax and have fun with it!" somebody said early on. True, yes, except that how is it possible to have fun when everything you do reminds you of A) why you quit and B) why you are unqualified to do anything else? ANYWAY! This is all to say that it's been tough to come up with a year-end happy-time great list, but here goes!

  • I love the things people ask our advice columnist Tionna. I read and forward her mail (jealous?) and she gets so many brilliant questions that it's completely tragic that she can't answer them all. It would be wrong to share the details of any of them here (or anywhere!), but I am continually amazed at how varied and fun-sounding (and sometimes very un-fun sounding!) our readers' sex and love lives are. I am also amazed at how many people have trouble determining whether they should end a relationship with someone who no longer wants to have sex with them. Uh: Duh! Yes, you should.
  • I really like the website someecards.com. Especially this one.
  • This guy made a video about year end best of lists and just lists in general and why they're dumb/great and it's hilarious!
  • This is a great blog about beauty products!
  • This is my favorite poem.