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We'd heard rumors Jobster was close to replacing Jason Goldberg as its CEO, and the Seattle P-I now confirms them. Jeff Seely, another Seattle entrepreneur who just sold online stock-buying site ShareBuilder for $220 million to ING Direct, will take over the online job board on January 7. His first order of business: Raising more money, I suspect.

In June, a commenter claimed the company only had $7 million left of its $48 million in funding from Mayfield, Ignition, and other VCs. Goldberg conceded to the P-I that the company was still not profitable, but a company spokesman wouldn't confirm the commenter's figures.

Whatever the number was in June, this much is certain: Six months later, Jobster has even less money now. Almost as certain: John Connors, the former Microsoft CFO on Jobster's board, has too much of his reputation at stake to allow Jobster to fail.