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· On Monday, the studios will start unwrapping the Yuletide gift they've given themselves by halting negotiations until an indeterminate point in the new year and removing the possibility of holiday-saving miracle deal: the activation of the force majeure clauses that will allow them to cancel pricey, unwanted talent contracts. We'll say it again: Merry Strike Christmas! [Variety]
· The always-daring Jackass gang will release the next installment of their incredibly popular adventures in genital mutilation and flatulence inhalation, Jackass 2.5, online. [THR]

· The DGA announces that it's only going to wait until the new year to begin its own negotiations with the AMPTP, a decision sure to thrill a Writers Guild fearful that directors are going to swoop in a cut a deal that undermines their own attempts at barganing. [Variety]
· Meanwhile, the WGA has announced the TV and radio nominees for their yearly awards ceremony, with HBO leading all struck networks in the nods race. [THR]
· The list of contenders for the Best Song Oscar been trimmed down to a mere 59 choices, with Eddie Vedder, Marshall Crenshaw and Sondre Lerche making the not-so-short list. [Variety]