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One would think the nasty three-way between BlogNation's Sam Sethi, his unpaid editors, and Michael Arrington, his former boss at TechCrunch, would be over. Sethi is stepping down and putting the Euro-focused startup blog up for auction. But, no, the saga continues.

On his blog, Sethi unfolds a tale of Arrington conspiring to keep Blognation unfunded. Sethi claims he had to deceive people about his company's lack of funding because he needed to combat Arrington's supposed lies.

BlogNation, Sethi argues, would have received funding if Arrington hadn't revealed a questionable term sheet, supposedly showing a British investor's interest, three days before it was due to be signed. Now, Sethi says, he has put Scotland Yard on the trail of the leaker, supposedly for criminal prosecution.

You'd think the tale of BlogNation would end here. But no. Failed PodTech CEO John Furrier, who still hasn't found a new job, is interested in the auction. We're rooting for him to win. He'd make a perfectly entertaining leader for this dud of a company.