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Another startup boy and his girlfriend have started a Tumblr blog to overchronicle their relationship. Shortly after Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick and TV personality Julia Allison broke up and ended their blog Jakob and Julia, John Shankman (an employee of the Federated Media online ad agency) started the semi-anonymous

The overwrought emotional style parodies Jakob and Julia's. Early on, Jen wrote:

John apparently doesn't always understand that his "internet experiments" aren't priority number one for the rest of the universe. John doesn't always understand that someone else has finals for the next two weeks, and might have some important life responsibilities aside from responding to nonsensical emails and participating in the public airing of our personal "dirty laundry", if you will.

John replied:

Well, I have to admit, that is not what I was expecting for a first post from Jen. It was very angry and, also, alluded to some things that were very unnecessary. Why do you have to bring things like that up in your first post?

John and Jen make constant references to Jakob and Julia (such as the above comparison of Jen's stubbly "pit" to Julia's lasered "underarm"), which are hilarious to the dozen of us who actually followed that relationship.