Despised Yahoo finance exec gets her walking papers

Despised Yahoo finance exec gets her walking papersFirst, former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel banned Rachel Glaser from the corporate jet. Now the annoyingly loud talker is out of the corporation. The senior vice president will leave the company in 2008, reports Kara Swisher, who's an expert on loudness. On her way out the door, Glaser could hold it open for VP of media engineering Bharath Kadaba, also soon to depart. A source told Swisher that Yahoo is just trying to cull its executive herd. Not a bad idea, considering that as recently as September, that pack included 300 vice presidents and several dozen senior VPs. But there's likely more to Glaser's departure, at least, than simple economics.

Last we heard of Glaser, departing Yahoo finance exec Mark Rubash told us it would be "more enjoyable and rewarding elsewhere" than to take a job which would place Glaser as one of his reports. Rubash was hardly alone, according to one commenter who wrote, "To say Ms Glaser is 'widely disliked on the Sunnyvale campus' is being kind."