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After a DUI and subsequent probation violation, former Wikimedia COO Carolyn Bothwell Doran left the foundation that runs Wikipedia in July. But that incident was only the latest in Doran's long history with the law, according to The Register.

Doran's criminal record actually spans four states — Florida, Virginia, Maryland and Texas — and includes theft, petty larceny, more DUIs, passing bad checks, and shooting her boyfriend in the chest. One of Doran's DUIs, a hit and run, resulted in a fatality.

At Wikimedia, Doran rose to COO after starting as a temp. As COO, she had control over much of Wikimedia's finances, an audit of which — due in September — is still pending. "We've never had any documentation of any criminal record on Carolyn Doran's part at all," foundation lawyer Mike Godwin told the Register. How soon until somebody creates a Wikipedia entry and uploads Doran's legal docs? That might help Godwin out.