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I promise to stop now, but the incoming parade of humanity following my first big NYT article continues to surprise and delight.

Your article is incorrect. Any laptop with an Intel 945GM or higher will play DVD-quality video just fine.

Translation: Not that I've actually tried this at CompUSA with the model in question, but I'm bluffing that you didn't, either.

Hi, long time no talk Paul! It's too bad we didn't get to chat about my client XXXXXX before you wrote your article, because they would have been perfect for it since [347 more words about this].

Translation: Fuck, my client is furious at me, furious! I thought you wrote for Slate or some other site he doesn't care about so I didn't send you the press release last month. Please help me cover my butt now. Dinner with the CEO? (Note to publicists: I have five or six of these, so don't presume this one is you.)

I fail to see the point of the article. Everyone knows that yadda yadda etc. Simple.

Translation: I'm an engineer. Just be glad you don't have to work with me.