As we hunker down for the bleakest™ Hollywood holidays ever, a steady fall of finely shredded scripts lightly dusting the ground, we take a moment to give thanks for what we do have: YouTube of Christmas carols with strike-apropos lyrics, sung by major stars like Justine Bateman and a bunch of actors from that superhero show that was really good first season, then got bad, then just started getting good again when it abruptly went dark.

While their toe-tapping take on "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" was an indisputable hit with onlookers, nothing compared to the moment a solemn Kevin Arnold donned a white robe and angel wings, mounted a barricade made of discarded picket-signs, and belted to the tune of "O Holy Night," "No more we write/Nick Counter is a Wiener!" in his stirring, pitch-perfect mezzo-soprano.