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Following Yahoo into the murky depths of online-finance video, AOL is launching a revamp of its AOL Money & Finance site with video prominently included. Yahoo Finance and Microsoft's MSN Money are the top two finance sites by a wide margin. AOL is hoping to give its users compelling reasons to stick around, rather than risk their discovery of better sites like the woefully underpublicized Google Finance.

We can't see AOL making a serious run at Yahoo, whose Finance and News portals are tops in share in their respective markets and are a big reason for the continued success of the company. However, it's a good start. AOL, at the least, needs to keep its fleeing dial-up users before it's too late. But is it too little, too late? Probably. Yahoo Finance's producers are clever enough to put Valley fox Sarah Lacy front and center. Even the revamped AOL finance site has nothing close to her.

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