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True story — back in October, Valleywag editor-for-life Owen Thomas and I were sitting in a coffee shop in North Beach going over party-correspondent duties and expectations and the future of the blog and all that other stuff that you talk about when you're talking with your boss. "I want you to do a Valleywag Calendar post every day," he declares. I try to steer him towards an occasional calendar post, because, let's face it, a calendar post is boring, and it ends up taking longer than it should because sometimes there's nothing worthwhile going on in this town. Anyway, I'm trying to explain to Owen that a daily post might not be the best use of my time, and, suddenly, he gets all quiet and still and the color drains from his face and his eyes roll up in his head so you only see the milky gray-white underside. And this loud, low-pitched, controlled growl comes out from the space within his goatee: "You will submit a calendar post every day by 11 a.m." And thus it was decided. So, let's take one last look at what's on today's Valleywag Calendar, shall we?

  • SVASE is having a holiday party for "cash-strapped startups and entrepreneurs" tonight at Blue Chalk in Palo Alto. [Upcoming]
  • Copyright-challenged a capella group The Richter Scales are having a holiday concert tonight at 8 p.m. in the Noe Valley Ministry. [Facebook]
  • What started out as a meeting with my boss to go over expenses and whatnot has turned into a farewell party. (Though if he thinks I'm waiting until 4 to start celebrating, he's nuts.) Come on down to Moose's after work and share a drink, and I'll tell you all the stories I was too nice to put on the blog. [Valleywag]
  • Santacon is tomorrow! You have your suit and hat, right? Right?

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