Glaring Omissions sometimes reproduces tips received from readers that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (that happens more often).

  • I cant relate to you how much i hate courtney cox

    all she does is stalk me and i cant get along with life. I hate it. I am in danger contantly , i am always reporting the mother fucking police for illegal harassment and for violence..

    i am harrassed everywhere i go. I cannot eat, shit or without her knowing about it and sending a carryer to tell her and i hate her guts for following me. I hate her. i cant ask her to leave enough. There are at least two courtney coxs that i have met and i cant get rid or shake the one from freinds the TV show.

    I hate her, and wish she would take off. Not with someone else?

    I have nothing and all she does is steal from me. i am harrassed all day all night long even in my mind by her and i have only met her twenty times or so....... I have suffered great damage and identity fraud as a result of my interactions iwth her and i have never even spoken with her.

    i used to date Jen aniston and i still see her every month... and i met Brad Pitt several times and had a confrontation with Vince Vaughn and several fo the magazines. can you help. she gives me no money.

    All this is true.

  • Yo Gawker,
  • What is with all the white people committing crimes these days? You got Robert Chambers back in the news with his cocaine/crack den in which his acquaintance (another white) is involved? You got that irish fella in queens suspected of killing his infant daughter. And you got the usually crackers in Staten Island cracking the skulls and stabbing any non-white that comes their way? What's up with that?
  • Hi, is it possible to send me a list of all addresses of famous people in Hollywood I know it is sound not really normal ask, but I want to send them all a New Year and Christmas cards. It can be as e-mail, as a normal address.
  • Thank you.
  • You report on Media Events in and around NYC. How is your commentary regarding someone looking "jewier" in person relative to your mission? What does "jewier" mean exactly??? You obviously are not Jewish, since you feel it's OK to offer up anti-semetic commentary. Are you "Waspier" than most, plain Wasp, or mildly Wasp??
  • Perhaps you should go back to your roots as a reporter and report. You might have to open your Journalism 101 text to remember what reporting is. Leave the personal bias out of your reporting. Or better yet, buy a one-way ticket to Palestine, join Hamas and go blow yourself up. Perhaps your new status in the hereafter will give you what you're looking for here on earth but haven't yet achieved.