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Why did FuckedCompany creator Philip "Pud" Kaplan record a profane song, "Fuck," in August under the name "Farty McPoopants"? The pseudonym is easy enough to explain: His current venture is AdBrite, an online-advertising network. And selling ads is a business that's all about keeping up appearances. Given his past, you'd think Kaplan wouldn't be so sensitive. But even Kaplan knew he couldn't blow his cool. His company, an online-advertising network, was in the midst of a tense negotiation with porn-ads partner AVN, and trying to raise a new round of financing.

August 30 was an especially bad day. The previous month, an outage at the 365 Main datacenter had brought down AdBrite's entire ad network. Subsequently, AVN and AdBrite had jockeyed over their joint network's website, and the spat had threatened the company's efforts to raise more money — a fact Valleywag reported the day before Kaplan uploaded his song. Anyone would sing the blues.

Things got better after Kaplan got "Fuck" out of his system. Sequoia Capital, AdBrite's previous venture backer, came through with $23 million in fresh funds. And AdBrite and AVN finally worked out an amicable split, with both companies starting their own, competing ad networks — and sneakily trying to poach each other's customers.

Kaplan, driven, he admits, by vanity, has now come out as the author of "Fuck", a brilliant ditty one blogger called the "greatest and best song in the world". I'm having a hard time disagreeing. You can play the song below and judge for yourself.

by Farty McPoopants
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(Photo by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid)