Philly local newscaster, former News 12 reporter, emailer of bikini photos to married sportscasters, and twice-divorced former dater of married WCBS anchors Alycia Lane allegedly punched an undercover lady cop in the face early yesterday morning after complaining that their unmarked car was traveling too slowly through Chelsea. And as a result we got to hear Pat Kiernan say "dyke bitch" this morning on NY1, the best way to start a week ever!

Long Island-native Lane has been an impressive train-wreck for a while now, dating back primarily to Spring of this year, when she sent hot bikini photos to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen. The photos were intercepted by Eisen's wife Suzy Shuster, whose sarcastic response was promptly forwarded to and published by Page Six.

The Post continued to own the HOT LADY ANCHOR story, claiming she "canoodled" with Monaco's Prince Albert and publishing creepy photos of Lane walking dogs and leaving a condo with Channel 2 anchor Chris Wragge, who was married to, but separated from Victoria Silvstedt. That relationship is apparently done, as Lane's cop-punching adventure happened with current beau Chris "Booger" Booker.

The cop says they identified themselves as cops when Lane yelled at them to hurry it up, and that Lane then began taking pictures and getting all up in their business. Lane claims not to have been told they were cops, and claims they "violently grabbed her camera to prevent her from taking pictures of the altercation they were involved in." Then Lane broke the lady cops nose. And it all went down the night of her station's Christmas party!

As soon as the teary eyed mugshot makes it up on The Smoking Gun, we'll let you know.

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