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What does Michael Arrington have against women? A lot, apparently. His latest target: A blog commenter named "Shelley," who spoke up on behalf of a photographer, Lane Hartwell. Hartwell, as we'd guessed, was the copyright complainant who knocked the popular "Here Comes Another Bubble" video off YouTube. Canadian blogger Mathew Ingram said Hartwell was wrong. Shelley responded in Hartwell's defense. And that's when Michael Arrington joined in and turned the conversation awkward.

"Mathew is right, you are wrong," Arrington wrote. "But since Lane is a woman, it really doesn't matter what she did as far as you are concerned. She's a woman, so she's right." And Arrington's a man, so he's right! Got it. We're beginning to understand why BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy threw a drink in this guy's face.