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Users of Vonage's internet telephone service have been reporting a major service failure, ongoing since Friday. The problems are varied, but it comes down to this: Vonage seems to be missing the "phone" and "service" parts of "phone service." In some cases, incoming calls are not connecting. Vonage is forwarding the attempted calls to subscriber landlines and cellphones, but repeatedly, and late. As a result, the call forwarding feature becomes a series of phantom calls clogging up the customer's only reliable phone service. Some are reporting no service at all.

An anonymous administrator of Vonage Forum, the independent discussion board where gripes were aired, reports that Vonage claims to have resolved the issue this morning, but users continue to report problems.

So why isn't the blogosphere taking notice as it did for the recent Skype outage? Despite Vonage's attempt to stay relevant with heavy advertising, the only ones who seem to care about the failing company are the numerous telephone carriers suing the company into the ground for patent infringement — and the suckers who bought into Vonage's late night television pitch.