Poor undercover cop-assaulting hottie TV anchor Alycia Lane has had her good albeit probably fake name dragged through the mud before. Back in May, as we mentioned earlier, she made Page Six for an embarrassing "emailing bikini photos of herself to Rich Eisen's wife" snafu, the sort of thing that could happen to any of us. When that story broke, a Gawker Operative got in touch with Ms. Lane to express her general distaste for the whole situation. Our emailer explains: "When I read the original page 6 article in May I was PMSing and proceeded to look up Alycia Lanes email address thru the network. I sent her a snotty email and she responded. I almost felt bad but now not so much. I copied and pasted the emails below. Get some kleenex." Yes. You'll need it. Alycia's side of the sad tale, after the jump.

Dear [Redacted],
Yes, you are right I wish I could disappear. Because the truth is...the pix were normal vacation pix...not playboy spread pix. the problem was...my friend's (of 9 years!) apparently wasn't aware of our friendship! THAT is why she was so upset (which I understand by the way, b/c I have BEEN there under real cheating circumstances). You shouldn't believe everything that you read...because I chose not to comment to protect my friend. Instead I got thrown under the bus, when I did nothing wrong...and have never done anything inappropriate.
But thanks for making an already awful time in my life...that much more horrible.
Maybe I will disappear...maybe that would make you feel better.
And you are wrong, "this" particular woman...is very deep..and very hurt and humiliated over something that should have been rather insignificant.
thanks again for making me feel as terrible as I could possibly feel. Job well done.


Photo illustration: Philadelphia Will Do

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