We've been asked to clarify an earlier post about jailed wild-girl exploiter Joe Francis, who managed not to make himself look good in the New York Times Styles section this weekend in spite of being given every opportunity to do so. We'd suggested that publicist Mike Sitrick was responsible for the good placement—but 5W Public Relations flack Ronn Torrosian begs to differ: "please call gawker let them know you rep him not mike that got him the piece in NY times. Fix it and let him know," reads an email from Ronn's assistant Katrina, forwarded to us (on purpose? Maybe!) by Ronn.

And from Kevin Mercuri, a senior VP at 5W, comes this email:

"Regarding the Joe Francis entry, don't believe everything you read. Sitrick didn't garner this Sunday's Style piece, the 5W Public Relations team did. We've been placing him on Nightline, Greta Van Susteren and roughly thirty national and regional radio shows every week, and we've been pitching Mareya Navarro and just about every other applicable journalist. I could even connect you with Joe Francis (yes, from Jail) to back up the story that 5W is getting him coverage, not Sitrick."

Wow, thanks! That won't be necessary.