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Failing biometrics company Pay By Touch has shed 250 employees in the last "couple months," COO Eula Adams said on a call for shareholders today. Of that 250, Adams said new management "took out" 90 employees in the last couple of weeks. The cuts came to "non-core" Pay By Touch initiatives in "healthcare, online, government," Adams said.

All of it confirms a rumor posted by a commenter a few weeks back. "Rumor has it that TODAY IS LAYOFF DAY! Again!"

Thanks for weathering the storm where we did not pay you for six weeks! Sorry for that month we still OWE you! uhm, yeah and we won't be paying you out when you go, and we'll probably just keep your vacation. So hoist a few and call a lawyer! It'll be fun!

This doesn't answer the question of how Pay By Touch got into "healthcare, online, government" in the first place. Shouldn't it have, say, figured out how to make money off fingerprint-approved payments first?