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It's the story no one saw coming: Pamela Anderson's marriage to Rick Salomon may have actually lasted for two whole months. The mésalliance between the erstwhile amateur pornographer and the erstwhile amateur pornographer with a career is (maybe) over. The couple came together trailing a combined four failed attempts at matrimony in October, and will be walking away with three each...unless they don't! Reports

Depsite her pending divorce petition, Pam seems to be waffling about whether Salomon will be included in her future.

In an updated entry on her website Monday, Anderson added the following note: "P.S. We're working things out..."

The predictive powers of Pam's blog are not to be underestimated: an entry penned two days prior to her marriage to Kid Rock reads "ugh, sooo BORED, looking to party this weekend!!!" while the entry immediately predating her Tommy Lee nuptials declare: "I fell backwards onto a concrete step yesterday. Head hurts. blurry," so don't count Rick out yet.