Hey, you know what's really wrong with PageSix.com? On the internet, you don't type the phrase "According to documents first obtained by CelebTV.com...." And if you must, of course, you link to CelebTV.com when you do so. Ditto with: "Hugh Grant had a little sleaze with his sushi when he shocked diners at chic West End Japanese restaurant Roka by engaging in a bizarre three-way make-out session with a woman while a male friend caressed her thigh, according to a report in UK newspaper The Mirror." How utterly RUDE. On the internets, we give and take. It's a circle of caring, of hyperlinking, of keeping your enemies close. And nobody will ever link to you now. (Also? That whole thing where it says "last updated two minutes ago" or whatever at the top is a total lie, as last night actually the top post was two hours old and it was about Tara Reid anyway, so please stop fronting, thank you.)