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The AMPTP, while still officially suspicious of the newfangled, profit-deficient internets that have cleaved their precious Hollywood in twain, continues to take bold leaps forward in adapting its once embarrassingly outdated web presence into a tool that will better serve their information-disseminating needs. The studio collective-bargaining group has now not only modestly overhauled the site's entire design (even their much-derided logo has received a minor touch-up), but added the twin extravagances of a second Doomsday Ticker™— this one showing what the strike is costing union crew members—and an intermittently ungrammatical "The Average WGA Writer Makes More Than These Highly Paid Smiling White Guys Box."

But lest you think the Guild and its supporters have fallen behind in the online arms race since the dramatic unveiling of, they've rolled out Nick Counter's Nickel Counter, a site utilizing animation technology so advanced the AMPTP's already-overmatched programmers have no hope of duplicating it for years.