Alycia Lane, the scantily clad photo-emailing-to-married-dudes Philly news anchor who punched a lady cop last weekend, has been suspended indefinitely from her station. Also: she made $700,000 a year! KYW-TV in Philly announced that Lane "would begin a planned two-week, end-of-year vacation a week early" and then they edited her out of station promos and the holiday special. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH VIXEN JOURNOS. Sadly, this might be the end of Lane's tenure at CBS3, depending on how her second-degree assault felony case goes. And those can take a while. You call one lady cop a "dyke bitch" and suddenly no one knows you. Except: did the New York Post sweeten that quote a little bit?

Above, an except from the police report, obtained by the Philly Inquirer. And it says Lane said "I don't give a f- who you are I am a reporter you f-ing dyke." Which is still awesome, but not really printable by a family paper like the Post. So did they just make up the "bitch" part? Was Pat Kiernan's barely-concealed glee at saying that at 7 a.m. yesterday based on a lie? They seem to be the first to go with the "dyke bitch" quote and most subsequent newspaper uses of the term credit them.

Of course, all sources indicate the charming Lane did curse amusingly and use the offensive slur, so the Enquirer suggests that should she go back to work, she might have to attend sensitivity training. Don't they know she's already quite sensitive?

Philadelphia news anchor busted for hitting cop sent on early vacation []

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