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To the casual onlooker, Mike "Boogie" Malin leads an existence worth coveting: a self-made nightlife entrepreneur with first pick of the aspiring-starlet veal, Malin is perhaps most famous for quarantining himself on national TV and walking away from the experience $1 million richer. But there's an ugly underside to life in the Hollywood fast lane, strewn with suspicious growths, nights in Denver jail, partners accused of rape, and now, courtesy of Eater LA, this:

"Rumor has it that Mike "Boogie" Malin (partner of the dolce group and winner of big brother 7) fell thru the skylight last Friday night at Les Deux and was rushed to the hospital."

There was something about hanging out with Jennifer Capriati (the tennis player) after a Van Halen concert in the VIP room at Les Deux, which has access to the roof. Apparently, according to Dolce PR (who's had quite the workout this week, to say the least), Malin decided he had to adjust some Christmas decorations on the roof, misstepped and slipped through the skylight that overlooks the nightclub. Capriati pulled him out, he's fine, but a little sore.

A few inches to the left and this misstep could have wound up far more tragic, taking not only Malin, but a U.S. Open comeback queen with a lightly checkered past who failed to move aside before being crushed beneath him. From now on, Malin will hopefully resist the obsessive-compulsive urge to constantly straighten the festive Les Deux sign reading: "Santa's Lap, That Way (Naughty Girls Only)," accompanied by a flashing arrow pointing to the manager's office.