Reporting from Los Angeles's historic Wilshire Boulevard Bomb Scare district, an operative tells us that a suspiciously under-decorated package has drawn the attention of the police, causing the shutdown of the area to traffic: "Like so many brown paper wrapped Secret Santa gifts, something doesn't seem right about this one: It's been deemed a suspicious package near 6300 Wilshire (the Conde Nast building), though apparently it was left closer to the Israeli consulate down the street. There are some of us who think it could be a disgruntled employee hoping to get out of going to the CN holiday party later today, or perhaps some misplaced/discarded swag intended for the CN editors. There are about four police cars outside and the cops are politely instructing cars traveling eastbound on Wilshire to turn around. (Not a lot of cars are paying attention yet.) They're also clearing the sidewalks on both sides of Wilshire now." We're sure that the situation will soon be under control, the misplaced Yankee Swap gift will be returned to its rightful recipient, and everyone's plans to get shitfaced on company time will proceed according to plan.