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Page Six is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has a new best friend, and hinting at a little more than that. The libertine starlet, who has allegedly gotten down with Sapphic spinner Samantha Ronson in druggier days past, is palling about town with Courtenay[ sic] Semel...and living with her! We know Lohan's dwindling coffers may have put the kibosh on some of the luxuries from the glory days (six-figure Marmont tabs, denting then replacing Mercedes, coke), but come on. The girl can afford a one-bedroom, right? Try looking east of Western.

Last week, Lohan attended a holiday and housewarming party at the Los Angeles home of "Power Lesbian" Jeanette Longoria with Semel, the daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel, one partygoer told Page Six.

"Lindsay came with Courtenay[sic] to the party around midnight and they stayed for an hour," said our spywitness. "The girls held hands and were with each other the whole time." The tipster added, "Every time I see Lindsay, there's Courtenay[sic]. They are always together."

Lohan's flack issued a perfunctory, "The two are good friends, nothing more," but past quotes from the same publicist have included "Oh my god, I just saw I Know Who Killed Me and it is soooo good!" as well as "Oh my god, I just saw Just My Luck and it is soooo good!" so look for the civil ceremony sometime in June.