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· The Writers Guild has decided to picket the Golden Globes, a move that may make the decision to skip the ceremony easier for conflicted members of SAG. However, the possibility is raised that WGA protestors could be set up far enough away from the Beverly Hilton's entrance that actors who decide to attend could be spared the shame of physically crossing a picket line. [Variety]
· Meanwhile, organizers for the Globes scramble to figure out how to put on a show without writers, while talent awaits official word on whether or not they should cancel their table reservations in solidarity—a "topic so sensitive that a number of publicists — including Alan Nierob, who reps Mel Gibson and Steve Martin — wouldn't even comment about why their clients weren't commenting." [THR]

· Brad Pitt, who recently abandoned Universal's State of Play, is now "in talks" to star in Terrence Malick's Tree of Life, a move in which he could be trading a $20 million (plus gross) payday for a chance to earn "nearly no upfront money" in the name of Art. [Variety]
· The FCC votes to ease ownership regulations meant to prevent conglomerates from owning newspapers and broadcast properties in the biggest media markets. Yay for consolidation! [THR]
· Critics in Phoenix and Toronto lavish awards upon No Country For Old Men. [Variety, Variety]