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You can probably add Brandon Estrada to the list of items you can't bring on an airplane. Rush & Molloy are reporting that Erik Estrada's son had himself a little freak-out, necessitating an emergency landing in Oklahoma City, onboard a Memphis-bound Northwest flight:

"During the flight, he became agitated," said the fellow flier. "He was convinced that nobody was flying the plane.

He jumped up and reached over the other passengers and lifted up their window cover. Then he tried to get out of the airplane. Then he tried to get into the cockpit. He kept saying there were no pilots. It was wild."

Brandon was promptly removed from the plane by FBI agents. Says Erik: "Brandon informed us recently that he has had 'stress' and 'pressure' at college." Brandon is a student at USC, so one wonders if the stress is academic, or stems from having to dodge drive-bys on the way to Advanced Romantic Comedy class. The FBI is currently questioning Brandon. In Cairo.